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Sat Dec 17 14:57:01 UTC 2011

On 12/17/2011 08:06 AM, Paul Allen Newell wrote:
> On 12/13/2011 4:09 PM, Paul Allen Newell wrote:
>> My estimate is that I will have materials in a day or two and then 
>> another day or two to finish up checking out all the suggestions I've 
>> got. I am estimating that I'll test one or both over the weekend.
> To the list:
> I've download and burned PartedMagic. It booted properly and I was able 
> to see what was available via "ls". Typed "clonezilla" and followed 
> directions ... took three tries and I don't understand why, but I was 
> able to get an image onto a USB.

"I don't understand why" what? that i worked? i is supposed to work. ;)

main thing is that you got image saved.

> I am now trying to see if I can boot from the image, but my poor little 
> laptop doesn't give me any options except CD/DVD or hard drive when I 
> hit f9 in the boot-up process.

2 possibilities;

  1] your bios will not boot usb.
  2] 'boot sector' procedure for usb is different from that of cd/dvd.


  1] upgrade bios.
  2] install correct 'boot sector'.

> One of the things I took from all the helpful info I got was that I 
> could boot from the USB to confirm it was working. It appears that I 
> can't do such and from what I can tell in Clonezilla, there doesn't seem 
> to be an option for booting the PartedMagic CD and telling it to reboot 
> off the USB.

most likely correct.

if you go back to 'partedmagic' site page for installing to usb, you will
see what needs to be done to enable 'usb boot'. but that will only be if
your bios will boot usb.

there are ways to boot usb when not enabled by bios, google search will
show them.

> Am I missing something, or is the USB something I can only transfer back 
> to hard drive?

yes, you are. yes.

> I want to give G4L a try, but it seems the issue is now my laptop not 
> wanting to boot off USB which renders testing an USB image academic?

this is true and why you need to upgrade bios.

> Thanks, Paul

welcome, george.


peace out.



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