Clean Installs are Remarkable

Fedora User fedoradch at
Thu Dec 22 03:06:05 UTC 2011

I cannot believe that we are at F16. I clearly recall RH9 to FC-1. But I
digress. I know that others have said this in the past. I just thought
that I would reinforce the notion that clean installs remove a large
number of annoying problems that persist through upgrades. Moreover, it
is refreshing to start with a clean desktop; something that has become
a palette for the way we think and do things.

It has been awhile and I was unaware of the many advances that
developers have made in installation. It has never been this easy,
intuitive and fast. 

I was in a Walgreens the other day and picked up a bunch of Sony DVD's
for 40 cents each. There was a time when burning a DVD through Linux
was a considerable challenge. Now it is routine --- and cheap. The
perfect excuse for backing up the accumulated bytes; It makes you think
what you really want to retain. Then wiping the HD clean.

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