Buy an SSD now, or wait?

Michael Cronenworth mike at
Thu Dec 22 18:34:18 UTC 2011

Christopher Svanefalk wrote:
> Sounds good Michael, but with the pace the technology and the market is
> advancing right now, don't you think it will give much better returns to
> wait at least another year with buying one? Not to wait forever, but
> just a bit more to let the technology benefit from all the advancement
> that is likely to come now that SSDs are approaching mainstream
> status...after that, I think additional developments will offer marginal
> improvements.

There is nothing coming in the next year that is worth waiting for. If 
you wait another year you'll be asking the same question "should I wait 
another year?"

I've owned three SSDs for over a year now and I see no need to buy new 
ones. Any future purchase of mine will be to replace HDDs - not SSDs.

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