Buy an SSD now, or wait?

Alan Cox alan at
Fri Dec 23 14:47:04 UTC 2011

> advancement.  That situation will ease--the industry is saying by second
> quarter, but my bet is for at least a year, maybe 16-18 months (since they
> have to either dry out and refurbish flooded facilities, build new
> facilities, or expand existing facilities--all real-world bricks'n'sticks

Maybe - but given a big pile of insurance money and the fact the hard
disk market is clearly going to rapidly shrink as SSD, SDHC and the like
take over would you rebuild the factory or put the money into something
else ?

I seriously wonder how many of the HD manufacturers will bother to
rebuild those plants. Mend slighty damaged ones yes, but rebuild ?

I'm now using SSD for non-critical data but with a hard disk as the
mirror and with my home dir split into two sections one on each. I guess
over time I'll move more to SSD.


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