Giving Up On Fedora

Swapnil Bhartiya swapnil.bhartiya at
Sun Dec 25 12:55:18 UTC 2011


I did not want that subject line, but am forced to.

I have been writing about Fedora on Muktware and the review was massive 
hit -- around 80,000 reads. Users liked the review and our articles. But 
since now I myself am not able to run Fedora on both my machine I don't 
know how to write about it. I am willing to share info (error messages) 
with you so as to be able to use Fedora.

I have been a long time Ubuntu user and decided to switch post Unity 
mess. I tried Fedora 16 and loved it. I installed it on both my main PC 
(which has Nvidia GTX 470 card) and Dell XPS. The main was stuck at 
boot, after first reboot and installing Nvidia drivers. Could not find a 
fix and started using openSUSE. Just today the Fedora on XPS also got 
stuck during boot and shows "use systemct1 default" or Ctrl D. Not able 
to boot into the system. I posted the issue about main PC on the forum 
but did not get any solution, which I totally understand as its 
volunteer list and not everyone may face the same problem. But since 
Fedora is not running on both my PCs I am in bad position. I do want to 
use Fedora, but due to my own technical limiations I can't. I 
desperately seek your help to enable me to use Fedora :(

Swapnil  Bhartiya

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