Giving Up On Fedora

Roger arelem at
Sun Dec 25 20:48:13 UTC 2011

The main was stuck at boot, after first reboot and installing Nvidia

> This is not a Fedora issue, but an nvidia one. The nvidia drivers are
> proprietary software, which means that you're on your own. Switching
> to another distribution won't help either, unless they use a fixed
> version of that driver.
Why the need for nvidia drivers?
I used to think I needed them but with Fedora 14 I tried the latest 
drivers included with the distro (Nouveau I think) and it all works ok 
with Blender 3d, inkscape, Scribus, and Gimp and anything else I throw a it.
I suspect the drivers will be even better with Fedora 16.
If I may suggest, to try Nouveau and see if it does what you need.

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