How to uninstall nvidia drivers in runlevel3

Joe Zeff joe at
Mon Dec 26 22:21:52 UTC 2011

On 12/26/2011 01:56 PM, Kevin Martin wrote:
>   If you got the drivers from the nVidia website and you are in runlevel
> 3 you don't need to do an uninstall to do the update as the nVidia
> module is not loaded yet.  just run "yum update" and it will update,
> although beware what it updates to as far as your video driver(s) are
> concerned.

I was under the impression that the drivers from nVidia were a binary 
blob that installed a hacked kernel, hacked some of your system 
libraries and installed the drivers without going through yum, rpm or 
any other package manager, making them distro-agnostic.  Unless my 
information's badly out of date, you have to do this again every time 
there's a kernel update.  The blob's supposed to have an uninstall 
function, but it doesn't always (ever?) restore the original versions of 
the hacked libraries.  This is why I always recommend using the 
kmod/akmod version of the drivers instead of the binary blob.

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