"F14 is EOL, so why report something for a version of Fedora that is no longer maintained?.."

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Environment, not manager. Typo.

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> What desktop manager are you running, if I may ask?
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>> Re: A couple of repeatable ways to freeze-up Fedora..
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>> On 29-12-11 00:06, Linda McLeod wrote:
>> > A couple of repeatable ways to freeze-up Fedora.. which is probably
>> > related and linked to other unsolved problems in Fedora..
>> 1) F14 is EOL so why report something for a version of Fedora that is
>>    no longer maintained?
>> 2) if you were to see a bug on F15 or F16 instead of posting it here
>>    you should report it on https://bugzilla.redhat.com but only after
>>    you have verified that it has not already been reported.
>> Patric
>> ___________________________________
>> Because F-15 & 16 are the Pits..  They are so yuk! & thht gaudy, they
>> nearly make me lose my cookies trying to run them..  I tried 15 & 16 for
>> a day and a half each, and couldn't take any more thht in the face.. 15
>> & 16 make me feel like I'm stuck back in the prehistoric days of Windows
>> crap OS's.. 15 & 16 are barely functional for pix work, quality
>> artistry, and custom preference configuring.. That insane desktop is a
>> nightmare to use.. Gives one the same feel "as did the first day of her
>> period, wearing white slacks".. 15 & 16 fight the user all the way..
>> That horrid desktop feels and runs like it's made exclusively of
>> window's viruses...  I'm stuck with F-14 because it works like I breathe
>> and beat and blink.. F-14 lives with me.. it feels like it's made for my
>> needs..  15 & 16 feels like "it's the collage spinning above a baby's
>> crib".. 15 & 16 feels like the software writers are trying to emulate
>> Windows OS's, and that's "sick".. 16 is disgusting to use at best..
>> Sorry for the harsh truth, but it is the truth...
>> I post Linux concerns here, because I figure if I find glitches in F-14,
>> they are probably in 15 & 16, and might get fixed.. but there aren't any
>> update downloads for 14 any more, which means it's probably fallen by
>> the roadside.. oh sigh, & darn...  RH/F should keep 14 going till they
>> can see it to flush the vile W-XP crap out of F-16, and bring it back to
>> a Linux OS...
>> RH should determine how many users 15 & 16 have pushed away from the
>> Fedora project..
>> One could find the figures, in how many IP's downloaded F16, to how many
>> of those aren't updating F-16, determining the ones who gav-up on
>> Fedora, because it just got too crappy and kookoo.. Robots would
>> probably like 16.. but real people sure couldn't.. Trying to run 16
>> would be like trying to get your cell phone working after it fell into
>> the pool...
>> Sorry for laying it out as too-much reality for you.. but I says it like
>> I feels it.. F-16 just makes me feel ill, F-16 Stinks!.. 14 feels like
>> it's made of love and life..  16 feels like it's made of fresh doodoo...
>>  Flush 16!, we are surfing for other distros.. Real Linux OS's that
>> haven't let us down by dragging us through the broken glass, piss, and
>> rot of kookoo world's gaudacious useless facade...
>> Scream and cry if you must...
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