sandboxie like application for Fedora?

Patrick Bartek bartek047 at
Mon Feb 14 17:44:09 UTC 2011

--- On Mon, 2/14/11, erikmccaskey64 <erikmccaskey64 at> wrote:

> It's a great application [ for windows... :\ ]
> Are there any programs under Fedora, that has the ~same features?
> To be specific: The user could launch a program [e.g.: Google Chrome]
> inside this sandbox, and when he/she exits Google Chrome, all the changes 
> that Google Chrome did is "undoed". + Google Chrome is in a sandbox, so it 
> can't "see"/read the files of the user!
> Thanks for any tips, link, opinions!

It's my understanding that Google Chrome already runs in a sandbox, by default.  No additional software needed.  And not only the application itself, but each window, whether stand-alone or tabbed, runs in its own separate sandbox.  That's what makes it the "safest" browser around.  Or have I misunderstood all the marketing hype?


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