Nautilus issues F14

Robert Moskowitz rgm at
Fri Jan 7 12:54:31 UTC 2011

On 01/07/2011 07:23 AM, Tim wrote:
> Tim:
>>> Are you looking for "Nautilus" or "file manager" or "file
>>> browser" (specific program name versus generic names)?
> Robert Moskowitz:
>> I always used Nautilus in the past.
> How far back?  On Fedora 9, it's listed in the applications/system tools
> menu as "file browser".  I can't remember what Fedora 11 did.

I started using Fedora with 10 and I used Nautilus. Before that it was 
Centos, but I got tired of Centos backlevel on my notebook. I still run 
Centos on a lot of servers. I forget what version of Centos was out 
during F10's life, but it also had Nautilus.
>> when I go to Help ->  About it says Nautilus ver 2.32.2
> Yes, that's what the program calls itself.  Many things in the Gnome
> menu go by generic names, rather than actual program names.

I just checked on a test server I set up yesterday morning. It does not 
have Nautilus under Applications -> System Tools either. But when I 
start a copy of Nautilus from say the Desktop (eg my Home), it has the 
Side Pane and F9 works. So I something is messed up on my notebook.

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