Recovering data :-(

Donald Russell russell.don at
Wed Jan 12 21:56:36 UTC 2011

I have a disk that I pulled out of another machine.

An fdisk -l shows the two partitions (one is a boot partition, th eother has
a whole Fedora 13 system on it but it's an LVM partition.

How can I mount that and see the files? In particular I want to recover some
files from its /etc/mail directory to see how I configured sendmail before.

Let's just say I had a backup-failure :-(

I've installed Fedora 14 from DVD on a brand new system and added this older
disk to it in the hope I can get some of the data off it.

Any suggestions?

I've tried just mounting the device, but that didn't work... I knew it
wouldn't be *that* simple. ;-)

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