gnote vs Tomboy

Michael Semcheski mhsemcheski at
Thu Jan 13 15:14:13 UTC 2011

On Thu, Jan 13, 2011 at 8:28 AM, Aaron Konstam <akonstam at> wrote:
> That is because he said it to me in an e-mail off-list. All of Fedora is
> free is it not. As far as I know I can ask the Fedora developers to do
> anything I want them to do and they can ignore the request.

You can ask any developer on any project to do anything you want, for
that matter :)

> not a one time thing. You can synchronize tomboy databases on different
> machines as often as you want in tomboy. That is, you could if it worked
> right, But so far it says it is synchronizing but it doesn't. And I
> still think it is something worth doing.

In that case, I would definitely follow up on the Tomboy mailing list.
 My impression based on the websites for snowy and tomboy are:
1. It sounds like Tomboy sync is not fully implemented yet.  Maybe in
a non-stable development version.
2. The gnome-snowy project is the backend for Tomboy's sync, and its
not stable yet.

So, give this feature some time.  Synchronization always ends up being
a tougher problem to solve than it sounds like.


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