no sound in FC 14

CAPT Dave Giurintano, USPHS-retired dgiurintano at
Sat Jan 15 04:49:40 UTC 2011

>> >  First. What are you doing, what is your setup?
>> >  Are you trying to make the sound go through HDMI to the TV, through SPDIF to
>> >  an external amplifier/home theater, or just an amplifier with Line In
>> >  inputs.
>> >
>> >  It does mather...
>> >
>> >  JP
>> >
>> >  On Thu, Jan 13, 2011 at 5:05 PM, CAPT Dave Giurintano, USPHS-retired
>> >  <dgiurintano at>  wrote:
>>> >>
>>> >>  I have tried everything. Nothing is muted. I reinstalled pulse audio.
>>> >>  Still no sound. Videos work great but no sound.
>>> >>
>>> >>  Any suggestions of where to look or what to try would be appreciated.
> I was not clear enough. No sound when running movie player or you tube 
> videos. My kernel is
> Linux When I run the pulse audio volume 
> control with a wmv file running in movie player the sound level moves 
> but no sound is coming out of the speakers.Thanks.

> alsamixer is a great tool for this sort of troubleshooting.
> I wasn't able to get my sound working with my SiS chipset.  I eventually
> just put in an old C-Media card we had lying around; works fine.

I ran alsamixer and all  volume levels are at 100%. Still no sound. 
Things worked fine last week. But stopped working around Tuesday. Other 
than installing updates, I haven't changed anything. Thanks for suggestions.
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