CHECKSUM is not easily accessible on Fedora Download Page

Tim ignored_mailbox at
Wed Jan 19 05:59:02 UTC 2011

On Tue, 2011-01-18 at 18:01 +0000, g wrote:
> torrent download, which is self checking.

Only against changes to the content of the file being downloaded (that
what you started to download, is the same as what the uploader

You need to *separately* check the file against another source, to be
sure that you've downloaded a copy of the original, not something that's
been tampered with.

I don't download ISOs and install very often.  So every time I do this,
I have to look up instructions, and hunt around for them and the right
checksum file.  I agree with the original poster that, from time to
time, the website does suck.

I've seen the website being well written, then later changes have made
it hideous to use.  It keeps on changing.  The website authors seem more
interested in how it looks, rather than what it says.

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