F14, from runlevel 3 can't logout from X environment

jjletho67-arodef at yahoo.it jjletho67-arodef at yahoo.it
Thu Jan 20 21:30:07 UTC 2011

Hi all,
i think to have discovered a very strange bug on fedora 14, but i was not able 

gather the attention of a developer yet, so i'm also posting here in the hope 
someone could investigate and solve it.
briefly this is the problem:

1) Fedora 14 installed on a vmware virtual machine (but you can reproduce the 
problem also with a livecd)
2) boot in runlevel 3
3) startx --> X comes up normally
4) logout using the logout button in the system menu --> keyboard and mouse are 
frozen, screen is blocked and the background image is visualized, it's no more 
possible to obtain a text console.

I have already done a lot of test, described in bugzilla and in the forum


further data i gathered:
1) when the problem occours the system is still alive, i can login remotely 
through ssh.
2) after logout X is really completely died, no X related process are alive. 
(resources not released ??)
3) the problem is not related to a particular window manager, i reproduced it 
4) The problem seems to be hardware related, i have reproduced it only on vmware 

hardware, on a normal q35 based pc i CAN'T reproduce the problem

In my opinion the source of the problem could be in the xorg-x11-drv-vmware 
driver or in something connected to it.

All the tests and the experiences of other users are on the forum and on 

Is someone of you able to do some more tests ? Could you build a package with 
the latest version of the driver ? 

Any help is very appreciated



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