Installed ATI driver removal after Xorg update

Zoltan Hoppar hopparz at
Fri Jan 21 07:11:49 UTC 2011

2011/1/21 Joe Zeff <joe at>:
> On 01/20/2011 10:53 PM, Zoltan Hoppar wrote:
>> Well... I have never did such before... But... Currently I don't know
>> how to boot only in with terminal.... Maybe could you lend a hand in
>> this?
>  From the logon screen (which should work as X isn't running at that
> point) use Crtl-Alt-F2 to get to an alternate console and a text login.
>  Here you can log in as root if you want and use yum to downgrade the
> package or do whatever other maintenance you need.  On my Fedora box,
> Ctrl-Alt-F7 brings you back to the GUI and, if the downgrade was all you
> needed, you should (should being the operative word here) be able to log
> in again.
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As i said (or not?), I have no screen at all - so there are no logon
screen, after boot I got an black empty nothing. Backlit is on but no
graphical UI at all. So, how can I set up from grub only an command
line boot-in till terminal logon? Why is no fallback possibility?



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