Fwd: Re: [Fedora] Re: FC14 Installation Hangs

Ashley M. Kirchner ashley at pcraft.com
Sat Jan 22 20:07:59 UTC 2011

On 1/22/2011 12:38 PM, Rick Sewill wrote:
> I looked at URL, http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/KernelCommonProblems,
> for hints.  It has a suggestion, under "Crashes/Hangs",
> "# initcall_debug will allow to see the last thing the kernel tried to
> initialise before it hung."
> I have the impression, from what is said, the kernel is hanging trying to
> initialize something.  Perhaps this parameter will help give us a hint.

     Well now this is interesting.  The very last line just after the 
CD-ROM part, and also where it hangs, is:


     Which indicates one of the drives, and in this particular case, it 
would be the main drive (primary bus, master) based on the specs it's 
listing a few lines above.  So a) why is it being listed as sdd and not 
sda? b) why is it hanging?  The CD-ROM is being listed as sdc ... So 
what happened to sda and sdb?  When I boot into CentOS, it correctly 
sees sda and sdb for the primary drive and CD-ROM, then it moves to sde, 
sdf, and sdg (which are all on the add-on card).  Is it possible that 
Fedora 14 is somehow reading the add-on card first and assigning sda and 
sdb to two of the drives there?  And if so, then why is it ignoring the 
3rd drive that's also on the add-on?

     I should point out that I have tried various other drives as the 
primary boot drive when I first started experiencing these lock ups, 
before I starting posting to the list.  So I'm fairly certain it's not 
the drive itself (otherwise the other 4 that I tried would also be 
defective, and 2 of those were brand new out of the box.)

     At this point, I'm inclined to just keep it as is, with CentOS.  
The machine's been off the net for 24 hours now and I have to get it 
back into production.  So unless someone has a eureka moment, or a burst 
of bright ideas, I'm going to continue configuring the machine with 
CentOS and have it in production by Monday.

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