apcupsd & Fedora 14

jjletho67-arodef at yahoo.it jjletho67-arodef at yahoo.it
Sun Jan 23 13:52:22 UTC 2011

>Is anyone here using apcupsd with Fedora 14? I just noticed the stock
>apcupsd package is crippled.  It won't send the "killpower" signal to
>the UPS (just had a power outage).

i also use apcupsd on F13 and also in my case the halt script has not been 
modified, but this is not an issue, it's only a safety measure.
Killing the power after the halt script has umounted and remounted read only the 

root filesystem it's not enough to garuantee the safety of raid volume which are 

signaled to close by the kernel at the very end of the shutdown process. Killing 

the power before this could leave raid volume in an unclean status. 

If you haven't any raid volume you could modify the script introducing the 
killpower command or you can try to use the --kill-on-powerfail options which 
tell apcupsd to send the killpower signal immediatly before the daemon exits. 
You  can proceeds this way only if your ups support the grace time feature  and 
only if you are able to determine a safe enough grace time.

In the manual you will find very clear explanations on this.


hope this help you

best regards



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