GNOME - mount CD/DVD to fixed point

David Jansen jansen at
Mon Jan 24 16:19:24 UTC 2011

> is possible in GNOME 2.30/2.32 (on actual F13/F14) for some users
> CD/DVD media not to "/media/VolName/", but to fixed mountpoint - e.g.
> media pushed to /dev/sr0 mount to /media/cd0 or to ~/Desktop/CD0
> Or mount as currently GNOME does, but in adition automatically create
> fixed symlink to created mountpoint (and remove it after is media

This used to be possible with the gnome-mount command, which could mount
a device from the commandline, or change the defaults, like setting a
fixed mountpoint under /media. The program seems to be missing from
current Fedora releases. The closest thing I could find to a replacement
is pmount ('yum install pmount'  will get it for you).

Now I think you'll need to know the device name in order to mount it;
how I use it is:
  pmount /dev/sdb1
which mounts my usb disk as /media/sdb1 . The man page will probably
give you the information you need to make it do what you need it to do.

David Jansen

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