Converting Fedora 14 from single drive to Intel RAID (ICH7R)

ivo s stanev681 at
Wed Jan 26 02:43:02 UTC 2011

I would like to convert a Fedora 14 64-bit to a RAID1 array on Intel ICH7R.
Тhe RAID1 array has a XP partition and several partitions for Fedora 14 and

Originally when Fedora 14 was installed on a single drive it was partitioned
with a primary /boot and a primary LVM partition with / and /home partitions
(all ext4)

I had some issues with the cloning so at the end I used dd to copy
partitions to a single drive on the controller and then using Intel's Array
Manager from Windows XP to convert to a RAID1 Array.

Booting Fedora 14 fails as there's an issue with properly recognizing the
RAID1 Array.  I suppose I either need some additional options in GRUB or new
initramfs- or something else.
At the moment Fedora 14 sees the 2 drives with same partitions and complains
about duplicate LVM's

Anyone with experience in this, please give some directions.  I could
install a fresh Fedora 14 but I am interested in a solution and finding out
if what I am trying to do is possible and how it's done.
I've used Clonezilla in other situations but I don't think it's an option
with Intel's "fake raid" controller.

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