LibreOffice on Fedora

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Thu Jan 27 18:55:58 UTC 2011

On 01/27/2011 01:52 PM, Fernando Cassia wrote:
> On Wed, Jan 26, 2011 at 10:55 PM, Rahul Sundaram <metherid at> wrote:
>> I am well aware of all that but nothing you are saying contradicts what
>> I said.  Openoffice is not under the GPL license.
> is LGPL.
> It was an error on my part, I often use "GPL" as a generic term to
> mean "GPL or LPGL" meaning "Free Software under GNU licenses".
> I´m not writing a white paper or encyclopedic text.
> FC

  Gentle Suggestion - when people nit pick - ignore them and just focus
on the real issues ...


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