[Fedora] Re: [Fedora] Re: korganizer crash

Rick Sewill rsewill at gmail.com
Fri Jan 28 01:38:11 UTC 2011

On Thursday, January 27, 2011 04:10:46 pm Walter Cazzola wrote:
> Dear all,
> just to add something to my problem, this affect only my user, from root
> korganizer starts like a charm. I've noticed that it is bound to the
> akonadi server but also killing all the process related to akonadi
> korganizer from my user doesn't start.
> :-(
> any help is appreciated

I just started using kde a little while ago so I may not be much help.

I believe, to identify a problem, one needs to isolate the problem.

To this end, what calendar(s) were you working with just before it failed?

If they were local calendars, can you move them out of the way,
until you identify which local calendar causes the problem, and then
examine that calendar to see what might be causing the problem?

I would strongly encourage you to make a backup before moving files.
It would be bad if my suggestion made matters worse.

If they are calendars from the Internet, can you bring up korganizer
with your PC not connected to the Internet--korganizer will fail to get 
to the internet, but you might be able to disable the Internet calendar.
If disabling an Internet calendar stops the crashing, we get a hint.

Once the calendar(s) causing problems can be identified, 
others may have hints what is causing the crashing problem.

Also, when it crashes, I assume abrt wants to make a report.
Do the details of the report give a hint why korganizer is crashing?
The hint may have no meaning to me, but might help a developer.
With the hint, one might google to see what others did to fix similar problems.

I wish I could give you an answer.  
I'm afraid I can only suggest isolating the problem.
Hopefully others, who have used kde longer or develop kde 
will recognize the problem and suggest a fix or workaround.

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