Skype - No sound from microphone

Kostas Sfakiotakis kostassf at
Sun Jan 30 15:36:15 UTC 2011

I have an issue with Skype .

Although am able to hear sounds ( in a call i can hear the caller ) the 
can´t hear me . System wide i have sounds.

The version of Skype am using is :


Now the odd thing is that if i go to PulseAudio Volume Control under 
under the Recording devices i can "see" the microphone and the system 
can hear
me speaking since the volume increases and decreases accordingly . 
at least that should mean that the microphone is actually being detected 
and the
proper modules have been loaded. One last thing that might be relevant 
is that i
don´t actually own a seperate microphone but it´s build in my Logitech 
Web Camera.
The thing is that Skype actually knows about the Web Camera since if i 
test it under
the video controls i can see my face . If i make the sound tests i can 
hear the sound
if i make the test call i can hear the test person speaking but i can´t 
hear my voice
. I have looked in the net but i don´t want to mess anything else , 
since everywhere
else the sound is working ( admitted it´s the playback sound and not the 
recording thing
that am hearing ) . I would be glad to try even any other application 
that speaks
the Skype protocol if that thing would make things easier without 
messing up anything .

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