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g geleem at bellsouth.net
Mon Jul 4 04:58:06 UTC 2011

On 07/04/2011 03:59 AM, JD wrote:

> How about just modifying the user's uid gid (while su'ed to root):
> usermod -u NEW-UID -g NEW-GID LoginName
> chown -R NEW-UID.NEW-GID ~LoginName

from "USERMOD(8)"

  -g, --gid GROUP
     The group name or number of the user’s new initial login group. The
     group name must exist. A group number must refer to an already
     existing group. The default group number is 1.

therefore, "GROUPADD(8)" to create group first.

also, if "/etc/login.defs" has a GID_MIN set higher than desired, "-K"
must be used;

from "GROUPADD(8)"

      Overrides /etc/login.defs defaults (GID_MIN, GID_MAX and others).
      Multiple -K options can be specified.

see 'man' or 'info' pages for "USERMOD(8)" and "GROUPADD(8)".


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