Strange symbolic link behaviour?

Eric B. ebenze at
Tue Jul 5 03:18:46 UTC 2011


I'm running FC14 and running into a strange situation with symbolic
links that I have never seen or noticed before.

If I create the following symbolic link:
[eric at eric-laptop ~]$ pwd
[eric at eric-laptop ~]$ ls Mail
draft  inbox  queue  sent  trash
[eric at eric-laptop ~]$ ln -s Mail/inbox test
[eric at eric-laptop ~]$ ls test
1  2  3  4  5
[eric at eric-laptop ~]$ cd test
[eric at eric-laptop test]$ pwd
[eric at eric-laptop test]$ ls
1  2  3  4  5
[eric at eric-laptop test]$ ls ..
draft  inbox  queue  sent  trash

The strange behaviour here is when listing the parent directory (..).
In this case, ls .. is listing the contents of Mail/ directory - not

In the past, I always recall being able to use the parent identified
(..) to move up one level in the directory structure whether in a
symlink or not.  In this case, I would have expected ls .. to list the
contents of /home/eric - not /home/eric/Mail.

Am I wrong?  Am I seeing strange behaviour here?  If so, is there a way
to enable the behaviour I expect?



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