Installing F15 without any active network?

mike cloaked mike.cloaked at
Tue Jul 5 16:05:39 UTC 2011

On Mon, Jul 4, 2011 at 10:06 PM, Aaron Konstam <akonstam at> wrote:

> We are going around in circles. My question to you was did you use the
> "Install a new system or upgrade an existing system" option?
> You responded:
> "Install new system was the option - if you go from there you don't
> reach any repo definition options in the steps until you hit this
> problem immediately after trying to click to move on from the
> bootloader section."
> So now we hear you did use the option I asked you about.
> You wanted to know if any one ignored the set network option that
> appears after the you set the host name. I said I did not set up the
> network at that point and the installation continued. Did you set the
> host name? Was it after that your installation crapped out?
> Maybe if we knew exactly what selections you made from the menus after
> you choose the boot option you chose we could have more of an idea what
> went wrong.

Forget it - the machine in question is now registered on the network
so the install will work when I can get back to it in the next day or
so in between other work.  I have a test laptop at home, and I will
check a clean install on it using an original physical DVD in the
coming week.

All I asked was whether someone had successfully installed F15 from
the DVD install iso using an optical disk drive, for a clean install
on bare metal, without any wired or wireless network - clearly nobody
replied on that - perhaps they could not reply since they could not
install- hah!

Anyway this particular thread does not seem to be getting anywhere so
just drop it - I will do my own investigation.

mike c

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