Blinking cursor after reboot with Preupgrade

Dr. Michael J. Chudobiak mjc at
Tue Jul 5 19:26:58 UTC 2011

Richard Shaw wrote:
> Since I know I don't have enough ram to do a fresh install I'm trying
> to upgrade my old EEEPC 701 from F13 to F15 via Preupgrade. I ran
> preupgrade-cli from runlevel 3 to maximize the amount of ram available
> at everything appears to run fine prior to the reboot.
> When I try to run the upgrade from GRUB upon reboot nothing happens. I
> just get a blinking cursor in the upper left and it sits with no disk
> activity.
> Choosing the previous Kernel from GRUB and it boots up fine to F13.
> Any ideas?

Wait. Maybe for an hour, or overnight if you can.

I gave up on some upgrades, before I realized that the blinking-cursor 
screen does disappear after ~ 5 minutes (for me), and the upgrade 
continues just fine. Others have reported longer delays.

- Mike

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