How to set a default network connection in FC15

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Wed Jul 6 13:59:41 UTC 2011

Abu Attar Musharih <abuattar.musharih <at>> writes:

> Dear List,
> I connect to the internet via wireless. There are two available
> connections, the first one  is set up  by myself (insert IP etc), the
> other  is automatically found by the network manager.
> The problem is, the network manager sometimes changes the connection
> to the automatically found one and creates problem as it needs proxy.
> I want to make the connection which I set as a default so the manager
> can not change it automatically.
> ...

This seems to be a feature that NetworkManager devs have different view of
how to handle.

NM works this way:
"NetworkManager will automatically connect to networks you have connected to
before, but you will need to manually connect at least the first time. Simply
select the network or device from the list, and NetworkManager will attempt to
connect, asking you if more information is required."
"NetworkManager provides automatic network detection and configuration for
the system. Once enabled, the NetworkManager service also monitors the network
interfaces, and may automatically switch to the best connection at any given

We (and others) have discussed something similar here:

I will add Fedora - Network configuration:

Once again, you may try to achieve this with different profiles.

Or file a request-for-enhancement with upstream project
and hope to have more luck than anybody else.


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