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Ed Greshko Ed.Greshko at
Fri Jul 8 12:12:33 UTC 2011

On 07/08/2011 08:10 PM, Genes MailLists wrote:
> On 07/08/2011 01:45 AM, Ed Greshko wrote:
>>> and it works great. The man pages keep using examples like 
>>> "joe at", but when I try that with my email account 
>>> (name at, it fails (as in nothing happens and I sometimes get 
>>> resend errors). I can ping successfully.
>>> I am certain this is a stupid pilot error, but can't figure it out.
>>> Any suggestions?
> Does your ISP permit you to send mail directly via  port 25? Many do not
> these days - which means outgoing mail will need to be sent using your
> ISP's mail sending agent.
> I suggest before sending via command line tools - you use a GUI mail
> client such as thunderbird - and set up a mail account on thunderbird
> using the instructions from your ISP.
> If you can get that to work - then you can worry about using the command
> line mailx program and learn how to have it (or your local sendmail) use
> your ISP for outgoing mail.

FYI, you trimmed and got the attribution wrong.  I didn't write any of
the above.....

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