Gnome 3 ~ Windows 8?

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at
Thu Jul 14 19:53:51 UTC 2011

On Wed, Jul 13, 2011 at 11:01 PM, Frantisek Hanzlik <franta at> wrote:
> Tim wrote:
>> I don't...  They all (Linux too) seem to be heading for being some sort
>> of iPad clone.  Being all the more inappropriate for trying to use a
>> touch-screen type of interface, when you don't have a touch-screen.
>> They're also being painful as far as multi-tasking is concerned.
>> Wacking great big oversized GUIs for things, so you can't use two or
>> three applications side by side.  You have to window shuffle.
>> Starting things from the icons on the desktop background, so you have to
>> get your windows out of the way to get to the icons.  Having to search
>> for your program, because there isn't a structured menu (either one
>> that's categorised, or one that doesn't keep re-arranging the order that
>> things and jumbled together).
> This is exactly one what I think about Gnome 3 - maybe good for
> PADs, but tedious for power desktop users with many installed and
> simultaneously running apps.
> Golden Gnome 2!

Gnome 2 is now offically dead.

Now, back to what I said earlier.  YOU, the Linux user, have a CHOICE
of desktop/window managers.  YOU should avail yourself of this
feature.  If you want to 'resurect' Gnome2, you are more than welcome
to.  It is after all, GPL/LGPL licensed and you should be free to spin
off whatever you want.  However, do not expect the Gnome support team
to help in your efforts.

For all concerned:  The goal behind some of the moves you folks see in
desktops is to move more users to Linux vice 'that other stuff'.  This
means making things familiar to those folks.  I really would like for
the old projects to be continued for us older 'power users' and new
desktops to be introduced for those who need/desire those features.  I
did not like what happened when Windows95 introduced the 'Start'
button feature.  Over the years, I grew used to this.  I still think
that the idea is 'stupid' but I now understand why this happened.  And
I was and remain a command line power guru.

James McKenzie

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