Gnome 3 ~ Windows 8?

Heinz Diehl htd at
Fri Jul 15 11:55:58 UTC 2011

On 15.07.2011, James McKenzie wrote: 

> If you even THINK that the current breed of developers CARE about what 
> the user base wants/needs, you are living in dream-land.

As you mentioned before, all is about choices. If there's no interest in what 
the user base needs, well, the user base will move away, resulting in less and less feedback,
which lets developing get more and more difficult. Bugs remain undiscovered, features get less testing,
and so on. 

In case of Gnome 3, I guess it it won't collect much new users over from Wind*ws or Apple 
related systems. Think logically: those who try will probably have a great optical experience,
but when things are unstable, unreliable and buggy and you have work to be done, you'll quickly move away
and blame "the difficult Linux" or whatever for the bad experience. Not to mention what such a user will
write if anybody is asking how Gnome 3 can be an alternative to let's say Wind*ws 7, and how many users
are just too busy to try it by themselves after a lot of negative publicity...

I for myself have been a big Gnome fan over a lot of years, and have been using it both at home and at work.
I also have been a big LXDE and xmonad fan, which runs on all of my laptops. Not a big thing for me,
I'll drop F15, and when F16 comes out, I'll stick with LXDE. It simply works and does not want to convince some
Wind*ws users that Linux is the better choice...

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