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2011/7/17 Geoffrey Leach <geoff at>

> On 07/17/2011 03:23:16 PM, Tod Thomas wrote:
> > Does anyone have any experience with this type of cable under linux
> > that
> > could share some suggestions?  I have a USB only PC and an old
> > parallel
> > printer that I am near and dear to that I would like to continue
> > using.
> I have the same situation, and a Belkin cable that works well. Early
> kernel versions delivered with Fedora 14 did not always recognize the
> printer after the laptop returned from hibernation, so I needed to do
> the unplug-plugin thing. Works fine now.
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In my case, I have one cable, don't remember the brand but the printer
did never work via USB in F14, The system recognized it but as
and it never printed. Using a PARALLELL TO PARALLELL cable worked fine in
linux distros tough, even F14.

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