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>  This is exactly why (half) solutions like this are really bad. A well
> designed service should be a back end that works everywhere  - and allow
> front ends to be built (or shared) for different DE's.
>  In this regard, the wallet managers are a failure.
>  Network manager does it right - a daemon back end and a set of GUI's
> to partner with it. A decent key manager would be similar. There'd be a
> single API that apps can use - and the GUI's for user use the same API
> to communicate with it.
>  The idea of having a tool for a common task is a good one - the design
> implementation is flawed and suffers from NIH.
>  My view of course :-)

Similar criticism could be applied to chrome and its use of gnome
keyring or kwallet to store passwords? (I know that chrome is
proprietary - but presume that same applies to chromium?)

How many people had chrome working fine in their gnome desktop - and
then moved the profile to another machine with a KDE DE and then find
no passwords were present any more - there is a method to pull them
across but it would be oh so nice if copying the profile alone was
sufficient in this situation!
mike c

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