Dual Nics

Santiago Enrique Lemus Martínez esdumbo2003 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 26 05:48:21 UTC 2011

I don't have any problem with two nic's, first one is for internal traffic
(LAN) and the other ones is dedicated for WAN traffic (Internet)

both nic's work at differents subnet

2011/7/25 M. Hamzah Khan <hamzah at hamzahkhan.com>

> On Mon, 2011-07-25 at 12:17 -0400, Overkill wrote:
> > Has anyone noticed that even if you use two network cards that only one
> > nic is really doing all the traffic.  I noticed this with many different
> > types of network cards and nics.  I even setup snmp monitoring, cacti,
> > etc and noticed that both IP's and one interface is doing all the work.
> > Even setup bonding and still does the same thing.
> Both interfaces won't be used.
> Packets will travel out of which ever interface has a route to their
> destination.
> If both interfaces have the same route, then it'll use the route with
> the lower metric.
> With bonding, it depends on the mode you are using.
> If you are using 802.3ad, then from what I understand (someone correct
> me if I'm wrong here!), you won't get the speed of both interfaces (ie,
> 2x gigabit ports bonded together won't mean you can transfer a single
> file at 2 gigabits/s) but rather you can have two separate transfers
> that together are going at 2 gigabits/s.
> > Is this a driver issue or am I simply not using enterprise hardware?
> >
> > -Overkill
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