Netbook gotchas?

Dr. Michael J. Chudobiak mjc at
Wed Jun 8 19:33:15 UTC 2011

On 06/08/2011 02:35 PM, Beartooth wrote:
> 	I've been running Omega Linux 14 (respin of F 14) on an EeePC
> 701, with an 8GB camera card in the slot. I'm very pleased with the OS
> (Rahul, I owe you big time!); but the hardware just doesn't fit my extra
> large trifocal fingers and arthritic eyeballs. (I've replaced it with a
> Starling 10" from System76, running plain F14.)
> 	My wife, who has small hands and better eyesight, naturally gets
> first refusal of the EeePC; I think she'll like it even more than I, and
> keep it for years. (At our age, we spend a lot of time in medical waiting
> rooms, which are starting to have wifi, but still have dismal
> magazines.The EeePC is little more trouble than a book.)
> 	If she keeps it, I'll leave my own userid on it, to make
> troubleshooting more convenient; but my files are taking up most of the
> space available, and need to be devastated, wholesale.
> 	I'll start with text files and folders full of pix to use as
> desktop backgrounds; no sweat there. But what else?
> 	Any thoughts on what's safe to remove -- such as *all* tarballs
> and rpm's downloaded by me (rather than by yum or PackageKit)?

Well, try things like:

package-cleanup --leaves

and if it looks OK:

package-cleanup -q --leaves | xargs yum -y remove

and repeat the 2 commands, since each purging of unused libraries may 
create further unused libraries.

You can try the same with "--orphans" instead of "--leaves".

Also, I upgraded my EEE 901 with a (bigger) third-party solid-state 
drive. It runs much faster now, as a bonus.

- Mike

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