Tweetdeck like Twitter client for your Fedora 14 desktop

Steven Stern subscribed-lists at
Mon Jun 13 13:52:49 UTC 2011

On 06/13/2011 08:47 AM, valent.turkovic at wrote:
> Twitter is badly broken on Fedora 14 because all currently available
> twitter clients (like pino, qwit and mitter) don�t work with oauth
> bazed twitter authorization.
> Don�t fret, Turpial comes to the rescue. Turpial is twitter client
> like Tweetdeck for Linux. Turpial is written in Python and aims to be
> an application with low consumption of resources and integrates into
> user�s desktop without sacrificing any functionality.
> Turpial is awailable via fedora-updates-testing repo so to install it
> follow these steps:
>   1. open terminal window
>   2. become root: su -
>   3. install turpial: yum install turpial --enablerepo=updates-testing
> It is needles to say that Fusion Linux in next release will have
> Turpial enabled by default.
> Check out some other cool articles on our Fusion Linux Blog and don�t
> miss Fusion Linux Forums.

Very nice.  One request:  Enable login for so I can track my 
short URLs as I do through the toolbar.

-- Steve

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