software time lock and web access control

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Mon Jun 13 18:14:50 UTC 2011

On Mon, 2011-06-13 at 07:21 -0500, Javier Perez wrote:
> Hi
> Is there any easy to use and setup program to control web access for a
> user? also to set time of day allowed usage of certain programs?
> This for a home computer using Fedora 14.
> I know maybe a combintion of IPTABLES and probably SQUID should do the
> trick, but
> 1. I want something easy to use and modify, not something that would
> force me to open the gusts of the system up.
> 2. Likewise, I am not sure if I can block stuff on a user basis with
> IPTABLES and SQUID. As Far as I have read, whatever configuration I
> set up with them, will work the same for ALL Users.
> So far I just started studying this issue an I am just beginning my
> research, I just want to be pointed at on the right direction.
> In the end I know once kids learn enough they will be able to bypass
> all these walls, but I will deal with it when I reach that level...

Check out SquidGuard

Available in the Fedora repos...

Quite easy to configure as long as you have squid running OK.

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