Adieu, Fedora

Patrick Bartek bartek047 at
Mon Jun 13 19:25:26 UTC 2011

--- On Sun, 6/12/11, Andras Simon <szajmi at> wrote:

> On 6/13/11, Patrick Bartek <bartek047 at>
> wrote:
> [...]
> > Considered XFCE and LXDE instead, but
> > decided the best option was to abandon the Desktop GUI
> environment
> > all-together in favor of a well-featured window
> manager, simple launch bar
> > for most used apps, floating menus for the others, and
> a terminal or two.  I
> > don't really need all the other crap.  Not even
> 3D.
> Welcome to the club :-) I never understood what these
> desktop
> environments give mankind that a window manager doesn't.
> But then I
> never "launch" programs; they are either running all the
> time
> (Firefox, Emacs, &c) or are started from the command
> line (mplayer,
> xpdf, ...). (I'm nevertheless using Xfce on a netbook,
> because I was
> too lazy to fight the system :-))
> > My primary choice is Debian 6, 64-bit, and
> Openbox.  I've been testing both
> > in VirtualBox for a few months.  So far, so
> good.
> I think the difference between running a distro virtualized
> and on
> your real computer is like the difference between dating
> someone and
> marrying her :-) But I hope it turns out well for you!

Running Debian in a VM was not for check system compatibility (That's already been done), but to experiment with doing a Base install and then adding and configuring the rest of the system piece by piece to gain the leanest, most efficient system without resorting to the Linux-From-Scatch approach.  After all, most of the hardware is at least 6 years old.  So, by today's standards, for a desktop, it's OLD, and I need it to maintain usability for another 2 to 3 years.  At that time, I'll decide whether to build another or abandon the traditional box concept entirely.  
> Good luck,



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