Still some mysteries about FC15

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> Subject: Still some mysteries about FC15
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> 3. Someone needs to give the  Gnome3 people a lesson
> on instructional
> videos. They go too fast so the use of workspaces and
> lining up 2 widows
> next to each other  are still a mystery. Does anyone
> have better
> explanation of these topics.

``lining up 2 widows`` for who?  2 widows, I would bet that you meant windows right?   You can set one running program and with the mouse move it to the left till you can see it going to the middle and then you can do something similarly with another program in another windows but to the right and have two windows side by side. :)  This is what you mean right?

They do this so we can switch between two applications quickly and/or view two things at once?, others can share more.  I don't have too many windows open at once :( 

> That is enough for now. I will keep working on it.
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