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Tue Jun 14 20:48:00 UTC 2011

Once upon a time, Joe Zeff <joe at> said:
> In some cases, it's worse than that.  As you probably know, when you 
> hook up a flash drive under Windows, it shows it in My Computer, named 
> by the drive's label if it has one.  In Linux, it shows up on the 
> desktop, named for its brand, even if it has a label.  I asked about 
> this on the USB dev's list and they told me that when the drive's 
> detected, the software tells the system everything and it's up to the 
> DE's devs to fix this.
> I mounted a drive that I know had a label, then ran:
> dmesg | grep USB
> and saw that the detection software was not, in fact, reporting the 
> label.  I posted this to the list, and was told in no uncertain terms to 
> "shut up and go away!"

The label is not a function of the hardware, it is part of the
filesystem on the device.  The kernel does not (and should not) read
filesystem labels on randomly attached devices (the kernel doesn't care
about filesystem labels at all).

Detecting a filesystem label, mounting the filesystem, and presenting it
to the user are all functions of the desktop environment; the USB
hardware drivers are simply about presenting the block device to the

> I think it's fair to say that in this case, not 
> only didn't they know about the problem, they didn't want to know; they 
> just wanted to point their finger at Somebody Else, and pretend that it 
> wasn't their responsibility.  If this is their attitude when the 
> hardware's known to respond correctly if queried, it's not hard to 
> imagine how they're going to respond in cases like what you're describing.

Since what you are talking about is NOT a hardware or driver function,
you were asking the wrong people.  If you had a similar attitude in your
post to their list, it wouldn't be surprising for you to get a negative

In any case, since you didn't say which desktop environment you are
using, it is hard to know what your problem is.  If I attach a flash
drive with a FAT32 filesystem with a label, the label is used for the
mount point and the desktop icon (on my F13/GNOME system).
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