Still some mysteie about FC15

Rahul Sundaram metherid at
Wed Jun 15 11:20:47 UTC 2011

On 06/15/2011 04:45 PM, Ed Greshko wrote:
> On 06/15/2011 07:09 PM, Rahul Sundaram wrote:
>> systemd can control both native configuration files for systemd called
>> unit files (man systemd.unit for details )and it is also compatible with
>> System V init scripts. 
> I believe the question being asked is....
> What services are now "native systemd" and what services are still SysV? 
> i.e. is there a list somewhere as opposed to looking in some directory
> and parsing targets and wants.


Except for a few core services that are default for Fedora (check
/lib/systemd/system for a list) ,  most of it are still using sys v init


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