Replacing gnome-shell on Fedora 15

Mike Wright mike.wright at
Sun Jun 26 02:43:52 UTC 2011

On 06/25/2011 04:58 PM, Geoffrey Leach wrote:
> Having tried (briefly!) gnome-shell on Fedora 14, its clear that I
> won't be using it any time soon. Seems to me that the obvious solution
> is to replace it with (my preferred) metacity as the default window
> manager. Has anyone tried this?

Be cautious with gnome-shell on f14.  I was enthralled when I installed 
  it.  It kept my keyboard shortcuts and all of my customized behaviors. 
  I really liked being able to bump my standard 4 desktops up to 9 or 16.

Problems arose when I wanted to do something gnome2-ish (can't remember 
what).  I looked for the option to disable gnome-shell but it can't be done.

Simple solution since it is so small -- yum erase gnome-shell.

Everything was gone.  Ability to add anything to panels was gone.  The 
desktop switcher was reduced to one desktop with your choice of how many 
rows you'd like it on.

Basically destroyed the gnome2 environment.

Only recourse was to backup my files, delete me as a user, re-add myself 
with the same uid/gid, then restore my files.

My infatuation with gnome-shell went the way of all infatuations.  Ta ta!

Tread carefully,
Mike Wright
> Thanks.

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