backup copy of F14 boots, but can't login

jackson byers byersjab at
Wed Jun 29 16:53:53 UTC 2011

. Daniel Walsh wrote

>Are you booting with selinux=0 or enforcing=0?


[byers at f14 ~]$ cat /etc/selinux/config


you are responding to my initial response
to you and Lamar Owen, where I was freaking out
over having to deal with selinux.

Since then I have followed Lamar's advice,
" touch /.autorelabel, reboot",
and  that fixed my main problem, my backupF14 now
is no longer caught in that endless login recycle.
See my later replies in this thread.

I had first tried your advice
"restorecon -R -v /home"
without effect,
allthough that was done from my mainF14
operating on the mounted  backupF14 /home.
I have no idea if that should make a difference or not.

If the latter is not an issue,
it then appears to me that Lamar's response to your advice
is correct:
> from: Lamar Owen

>> restorecon -R -v /home

>If only /home needs relabeling, that is true.

>However, if /home is backed up without the correct contexts,
> the rest of the system likely has context problems.....

With regard to
" backed up without the correct contexts"
 I  have no doubt that was the case, because I was unaware
 of any need for, or how to implement,  "correct contexts" .
I used an rsync-based backup tool (rbu, Vincent Stemen)
on all dirs under /,
leaving out  /proc, /sys,  /mnt, /media, /opt

thanks for response

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