cmake 2.8.4 (f14 x86_64) :: errors at bootstraping

stan gryt2 at
Sun Mar 6 17:02:51 UTC 2011

On Sun, 6 Mar 2011 14:54:06 +0200
Adrian Sevcenco <Adrian.Sevcenco at> wrote:

> Hi! Did anyone tried to compile the cmake 2.8.4 on fedora 14?
> trying to bootstrap with or without the system libs i receive this:


> can anyone help me with some suggestion?

I too am running F14 x86_64.  I downloaded the source, unpacked it,
changed to the directory, ran ./configure (which runs ./bootstrap),
and when that completed ran gmake.  Everything compiled just fine.  I
ran the resulting binary without a target and it seemed to run just
fine.  I have accumulated lots of devel packages over the years, though.

I think you are missing a header file.  Which one?  Ha!  I am
unfamiliar with cmake, so I don't know where to find such information
from the configuration output (usually it is in config.log).  From the
error output you provided, I wonder if you aren't missing elf.h.  But
that is just a guess.

You could try a   yum groupinstall development-tools development-libs
as a shotgun approach to try to pick up the missing header file.  If
you want to get everything, you could put into /etc/yum.conf the line
group_package_types=optional, default, mandatory

Alternatively, run ldd on the currently installed binaries of cmake for
F14, and see which libraries are used.  Then install the -devel
versions of those libraries' packages.

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