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Wed Mar 9 04:37:28 UTC 2011

On Wed, 9 Mar 2011 09:07:54 +0800
xinyou yan <yxy.716 at> wrote:

> I use gnome environment .
> The xterm  has 80 columns and 24 rows
> While  I enter  Ctrl+Alt+F2 to use a whole scream  for some edits.
> This tty has 180 columns and 56 rows.
> How can I resize it to 80 columns and 24 rows.
> Early I use some skills in grub , it works .
> Is there another way?

If you are using modeset, the default in current Fedora versions, the
consoles your reach with Ctrl+Alt+F2 are at the same resolution as the
gui.  This can play havoc with font sizes.

You can add nomodeset on the kernel line, and follow it with one of the
VESA codes to select resolution on the consoles.  I think the code for
80x24 is vga=0x315. But doing this can have negative impact on your gui
resolution, unless you create an xorg.conf file (current Fedora
versions don't have an xorg.conf). Then you can specify the X
resolution there. I do this in order to get different resolutions on
console and gui.  It sounds like you might have already done this.

Another alternative is to set the font size larger on the console.  You
can use setfont to tell the terminals to use a bold or larger font.  It
isn't perfect, but can help in marginal situations.  A command
something like 
setfont <font name here> -C /dev/tty2
should work for the console you selected.  See  man setfont  for more

Maybe someone else knows of a way to change the console resolution
after boot.  I don't.

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