Reinstall sound on fc14?

Alex mysqlstudent at
Sun Mar 20 02:54:28 UTC 2011


>> Even though the hardware fixed it, this still seems to be a
>> configuration error, unless only part of the sound chip is bad.  Are
>> there any pin connections on the MB that need to be made in order to
>> activate sound? They would be described in the manual that came with
>> the MB. Because it is a different MB, and might have been a return,
>> someone could have messed with the factory defaults, and turned off
>> sound by removing the pin connector that turns it on. Maybe it was never
>> installed.  Or maybe a solder connection to line out is not working
>> because it is cracked.    Maybe sound is turned off in the BIOS?
> No, both motherboards were mine to begin with. I had set up one for
> him, but he had a flood in his basement which corroded the
> motherboard, so I replaced it with an identical MSI MS-7025
> single-core 64bit Athlon 3500+ board. I don't think the new one was
> ever used as a desktop, so sound may never have worked on it since it
> was purchased, for all I remember.

Okay, so I got it working.

I wasn't sure that I thoroughly read the manual the first time, so
went back and read it again, and there is indeed something there about
the jumpers. On the motherboard there is a header for audio for the
front panel, and when it's not connected to that header, it has to be

Thanks again,

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