Anti-Evolution rant.

William Case billlinux at
Sun Mar 20 18:19:55 UTC 2011

Just getting some stuff about the Evolution program off my chest.  If I
can get some suggestions along the way that would be a bonus.

The only use I had for WindowsXP was using Outlook to print out my
calendar.  My Windows harddisk died a month ago.  It was due;it was old.
But now I have to completely rely on Evolution.

Evolution would do me just fine if I could get my calendar printed the
way I am used to and the way I want.  I no longer have any PIM devices
and do I want them.  I find devices just interfere with a face-to-face
conversation.  I want a piece of paper on which I can write quick notes
to myself without losing eye contact.  Old fashioned -- may be -- but it
is what works for me.  Windows Outlook used to give me my piece of paper
tasks, appointments and all, that I could fold up and carry in my hip or
shirt pocket.

Three years ago I filled a Request for Enhancement through Gnome

I seemed to have received some interest at the time so I filed a full
description with diagrams for that bug report.  Nothing.

I have even offered to learn enough about Evolution programming to
create it myself.  I asked for some advice on how I should get started.
(They seemed to be making programming changes at the time).  I thought
needed some simple advice just to get started particularly for creating
print forms.  Should it be a plugin?  Can I do what I want as a Plugin?
Got nothing.  

Now I am on a search for a replacement for Evolution that lets me have
some control over calendar print out forms. Can anybody help?
Regards Bill
Fedora 14, Gnome 2.32
Evo.2.32, Emacs 23.2.1

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