bridged networking setup

compdoc compdoc at
Fri Mar 25 15:38:43 UTC 2011

>There is nothing plugged in to eth0.
>My uplink is eth1.
>The bridge is only for use by virtual machines on this same box.
>Should I have configured it differently?

I always use 2 or more nics for servers running virtual machines, with each
nic connected directly to the main switch.

If the host and guests are sharing the same nic, each will have less
bandwidth. The same is true of sharing anything: cpus, hard drives, network
cables, etc. More is always better.

Your scripts look fine but could be cleaned up a little. However, if it's
working leave it alone.

Also, I don't use STP myself and what little I know of it leads me to
believe it's a security risk.

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