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Bob Goodwin bobgoodwin at
Thu May 5 21:21:18 UTC 2011

On 05/05/11 16:14, Richard Shaw wrote:
> That's what I was afraid of. /dev/sb1 is already in use. Fdisk doesn't
> really know anything about LVM (other than the partition label). You
> need to inspect the output of vgdisplay and lvdisplay to see what's
> going on. You may not actually have an unused drive available to
> expand /home.

        Yes, I've been looking there and lvm> pvdisplay shows all three
        drive full. But full with what? This is a terrible system,
        there's no way to know what's "filling" those drives! I don't
        believe they are full of my data. I was considering unplugging
        two of them to see how the system acts? But that's a hell of a
        way to troubleshoot  a software problem it seems to me.

        I will probably have to move files on to my NFS server until I
        can rework the whole mess when I'm ready to install F-15.


> Another graphical way to explore your disks is the "palimpsest"
> utility, which from the menu is just called "Disk Utility".
> Richard
> Richard

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