Strange SD Card Issue

Frank Tanner III pctech at
Mon May 9 16:31:02 UTC 2011

I am having a strange issue where when I plug in an SD or an SDHC card
into my laptop it gets recognized in /var/log/messages, but it refuses
to mount.  There seems to be some info on this issue, but it all points
to the user being in the AVAHI group.  I've done that and it still seems
to be having an issue.

Has anyone seen this issue and resolved it in another manner?  My
hardware, OS, and /var/log/messages information is below.  Any
assistance that you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

Acer 8943G
i7 8-Core

OS: Fedora 14 x64 -

/var/log/messages info:
May  9 09:19:28 8943G kernel: [ 1543.474144] mmc0: ADMA error
May  9 09:19:28 8943G kernel: [ 1543.474223] mmc0: error -5 whilst
initialising SD card

Thank you.


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